Silver Leaf Partners, LLC


Our management team is dedicated to the support & growth of our clients. We understand that successful client services can best be achieved with an effective combination of talented experience and comprehensive services & tools.

We have spent the time & resources identifying industry service providers allowing our clients to leverage our knowledge of platform solutions so that they can focus on the money management process.

With Silver Leaf Partners as your broker representative, you have access to the solutions you need while interfacing with one provider whose interest is aligned with your interests.

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Flexibility and experience are the keys to a successful brokerage services relationship. Having experience in the buy-side and sell-side of the money management industry, our service team understands that each of our client’s needs & operations are unique.

We have tested & deployed multiple trading platforms, assisted-brokerage service desks, custody & clearing platforms and risk management & reporting solutions. We bring that hands-on knowledge to the benefit of our customers.

With Silver Leaf Partners as your partner, you will have the service & tools you need today and a suite of other services that are available to you as your needs may change over time.

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  • are a prime brokerage services provider for institutional asset managers.
  • provide access to global custody & clearing services for institutional accounts.
  • arrange trade execution services in all security classes across US & international markets.
  • offer global marketing & capital introduction capabilities.
  • deploy portfolio management applications with real time P&L and risk management functionality.
  • are your broker, your consultant, your partner. Silver Leaf Partners.
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